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Chrimson and Clover


Marlcreek Alfie of Rags2Dazzle

Darlinlildols Smudgy Bug
Ragangels Buddy of Darlinlildols
Darlinlildols Sienna

Darlinlildols Dixie Moore
Darlinlildols Angus
Darlinlildols Lady Beatrice


Sunnyshores Red Hot Slingshot

Rags2Dazzle Mench
Islanddols Just Mr Sandman
Rags2Riches Jasmin of Rags2Dazzle

Sunntshores Larkspur
Westcoast Samson of Sunnyshores
Ripsrags Blue Belle of Sunnyshores
Crimson and Clover Pedigree

Ragdoll Breeder
Rose Hill Rags Ragdoll Cattery