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Winners Circle
We show our cats in ACFA, CFA and TICA

Rosehillrags Tangled up in Blue
Janesville Allbreed Cat Club Show
5th best longhair kitten
Rosehillrags Kashmir
Big Sioux Cat Fanciers Show 2011
4 Best Cat in David Redtfeldt's ring
Rosehillrags Kashmir and Rosehillrags China Grove
in St. Paul CFA Winter Carnavel Show
Sunnyshores Josephine Baker
Grand Champion in Janesville Wi.
November 2, 2013
Grand Champion Rags2Riches Crystal Blue Persuasion
October 2012
Double Grand Champion
Rosehillrags Kodachrome

Ragdoll Breeder
Rose Hill Rags Ragdoll Cattery