Our Stars

Ragdoll Breeder
Rose Hill Rags Ragdoll Cattery
Our Josephine Baker in select
Target stores at Christmas 2019
Elitedolls Cinnamon Girl of Rosehillrags in a
Target Stores Halloween email ad 2019

Sunnyshores Shores Josephine Baker of Rosehillrag
in a YouTube commercial for Hartz® Delectables™ SqueezeUp™

Rosehillrags La Luna in a
Cenex commercial for Super Bowl 2019

Rosehillrags La Luna going through a
pet gate for Carlson Pet Supply in 2018

Sunnyshores Josephine Baker of Rosehillrags
going through a pet gate for Carlson Pet Supply ads

Rosehillrags Rhiannon going through a
gate for Caralson Pet Supply ads
Jake O'Connor's "Yarn" TV/Online Video
with a Rosehillrags blue point mitted kitten
Jake O'Connor's "Irish Setter" TV/Online Video
with Rosehillrags blue point mitted kitten.
Thomas Strand photo shoot with
Sunnyshores Josephine baker, Rosehillrags Dear Prudence
and Elitedolls Holly Holy
La Luna in Target's weekly
email ad's Summer of 2020