Still more of our past kittens we placed
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Blue point bicolor

Seal Lynx Point Mitted
I just wanted to share a couple photos of Cookie
(aka Cookie Monster) now that he is one year old!
We love him SO much.
Tekla & Evan
Samuelís Perfect Storm
Seal Lynx  Point Bicolor
I have been meaning to send you pictures of the Ragdoll we
purchased from you last year.  He is a year old today & I canít
begin to tell you how happy we are with him.  I think he was a
hockey player in a former life though as he loves to fly through
the house & with the hardwood floors he isnít able to stop
as quickly as he should & just turns sideways and slams into
whatever is there just like the hockey players do.
He defiantly lives up to his name.  He is so funny!
Tim & Dianne  in Sioux Falls, SD
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