Our Stars

Ragdoll Breeder
Rose Hill Rags Ragdoll Cattery
Our Josephine Baker in select
Target stores at Christmas 2019
Elitedolls Cinnamon Girl of Rosehillrags in a
Target Stores Halloween email ad 2019

Sunnyshores Shores Josephine Baker of Rosehillrag
in a YouTube commercial for Hartz® Delectables™ SqueezeUp™

Rosehillrags La Luna in a
Cenex commercial for Super Bowl 2019

Rosehillrags La Luna going through a
pet gate for Carlson Pet Supply in 2018

Sunnyshores Josephine Baker of Rosehillrags
going through a pet gate for Carlson Pet Supply ads

Rosehillrags Rhiannon going through a
gate for Caralson Pet Supply ads
Jake O'Connor's "Yarn" TV/Online Video
with a Rosehillrags blue point mitted kitten
Jake O'Connor's "Irish Setter" TV/Online Video
with Rosehillrags blue point mitted kitten.
Thomas Strand photo shoot with
Sunnyshores Josephine baker, Rosehillrags Dear Prudence
and Elitedolls Holly Holy